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Founded in 2001 by Lucas Cucinotta, iomedia is an internet agency headquartered in the center of Lausanne and with offices in the heart of Valais, in Sion.

For over 20 years, nearly 350 clients have trusted us.

iomedia, a key player in your digital growth

We're committed to understanding your goals, challenges and successes so we can build a lasting relationship based on trust and transparency. We are committed to sharing your ambitions and working closely together to achieve concrete results that exceed your expectations.

What we believe in

We're convinced that good products are made by those who are willing to put in the skill, energy and real passion.

Individual skills, team competence

The strength of a chain is measured by its weakest link. That's why we all support each other and encourage excellence in each of our fields. Our skills are expressed throughout the company's value chain.

Unity in diversity

The synergy of collective experiences, varied skills, and unique talents of each team member creates a very strong dynamic and allows for sometimes unimaginable achievements.

Relentless innovation

Taking risks, encouraging curiosity and new ideas, learning from mistakes, and constantly striving to exceed expectations... Innovation motivates action! It pushes us to generate solutions for our clients and to set the bar higher and higher.

Passion as the keyword

It remains the best engine for surpassing and pleasure. It pushes us to give the best of ourselves, to always be proactive, to go beyond the realm of possibilities! We believe in it! And we don't give up!

A web agency made up of diverse personalities with multiple visions, who share a passion for creating digital experiences.
Gotham gare

In the heart
of Lausanne

You will find us in the heart of Lausanne, just a 5-minute walk from the train station.

iomedia Sion

Near the train station
of Sion

Find us near the train station, in the Moulin de Sion, a freshly renovated historic building.

The management team

The experts who guide our vision and direct our efforts towards excellence.

Board of Directors

Those who make the crucial decisions to guide our activities and strategy.

Our project management team

Experts dedicated to the efficiency and successful completion of your projects.

Our design team

Creative minds dedicated to shaping exceptional aesthetics for your projects.

Our development team

Passionate talents shaping innovation and building the future of your projects.

Our super mascot

Meet Nala, our adorable canine mascot, always ready to spread joy and positive energy within our team!




We explore new technologies
for your future projects

A space to present our web experiments

A constant search
for results

+250 000

People use a website created by iomedia daily

+250 000

People use a website created by iomedia daily


More than 80 million annual revenue generated by websites created with AIO Ecommerce


More than 12 million in revenue in 1 day, record of the AIO Ecommerce

+16 000

More than 16,000 hours of development


Used and appreciated by our clients for over 20 years


More than 350 clients use our AIO solution

360° Expertise

Design, development, marketing,
our expertise covers the entire
the entire value chain of your digital projects.