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AllinOne is used by over
350 customers and teams to create, collaborate and develop beautiful websites on an entirely visual canvas - no programming required.

So everyone can concentrate on what they do best.

A CMS designed and developed entirely in Switzerland, proven by millions of users worldwide.

For over 20 years, AIO CMS has been successfully used in large-scale projects such as the International Motor Show, the Alinghi website, the America's Cup, and many others. This robust solution has been specially designed for projects with very high traffic and particularly large volumes of content (text, photos, HD photos, videos, etc.).

Particularly flexible, AIO CMS adapts to changes in the products it supports. Combining not only the best technologies but also the most efficient working methods, it serves as a veritable guide for the design and development of digital products.

Thanks to ready-to-use components, the work of technical and design teams can be perfectly optimized.



Images, texts, videos... manage your resources in any format, simply and intuitively! We configure the sections according to your needs - News, Events, FAQ, Blog etc. Fully responsive, the CMS enables you to publish your content on all platforms.

The CMS has been tested with over a million content items, with no drop in site performance.

<span>Web</span> first

Web first

You manage your content and can then publish it in different formats to feed other systems.

<span>AI</span> ChatGPT


Need help writing your texts?

No problem, our solution includes chatGPT, which will suggest texts according to your needs.

Workflow <span>management</span>

Workflow management

You manage your workflow and the different stages of publication.

Our tool adapts to the way you work. At each stage, you can set up e-mails to inform the right people.



The "title" and "description" meta tags are included automatically according to the page content, but can be modified manually if required.

Interface with <span>external systems</span>

Interface with external systems

Whether your project requires imports from a PIM, DAM or any other system, we have no technical constraints.

Our many projects have led us to interface with numerous systems (PIM, DAM, Salesforce CRM, Millenium, Woodwing, SAP...).

Visual <span>editing</span>

Visual editing

Edit your content directly from the front of the site! A simple bookmark on your favorite browser is all it takes.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM)

Our CMS is much more than just a content management system. For many customers, the CMS also becomes the PIM (Product Information Management), managing all product data.

<span>Display</span> customization

Display customization

Our solution enables you to personalize the display of site or e-commerce content according to your preferences, customer journey or centers of interest.

other features

Our system offers a full range of site management features, giving you total control over your content.

CMS Allinone
in figures

+1 mio

More than 1 million pages
created by our clients

+1 mio

More than 1 million pages
created by our clients


Used and appreciated by our clients for over 20 years


More than 350 clients use our AIO solution


More than 12 million in revenue in 1 day, record of the AIO Ecommerce


More than 80 million annual revenue generated by websites created with AIO Ecommerce

+250 000

People use a website created by iomedia daily

CMS AllinOne

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