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Our block system gives you unlimited flexibility to create and personalize your content. It's that simple!
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AllinOne is used by over
350 customers and teams to create, collaborate and develop beautiful websites on an entirely visual canvas - no programming required.

So everyone can concentrate on what they do best.

<span>User-friendly</span> interface

User-friendly interface

The site manager drags and drops blocks onto the page, organizes them as he sees fit and customizes them according to his needs, all in a responsive, visual interface that makes page creation both pleasant and efficient.

Library of<br><span>predefined blocks</span>

Library of
predefined blocks

An extensive library of pre-built blocks lets webmasters quickly select and add elements such as headers, footers, content sections, image galleries, contact forms and much more.

A wide variety of pre-built blocks makes it easy to create attractive layouts without requiring advanced programming skills.



The pages we create are fully responsive, which means they automatically adapt to different devices and screen sizes (desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Search engine<br><span>optimization (SEO)</span>

Search engine
optimization (SEO)

Our block system takes into account search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. SEO integration facilitates online ranking and visibility.

Block system in a few figures

+1 mio

More than 1 million pages
created by our clients

+1 mio

More than 1 million pages
created by our clients


Used and appreciated by our clients for over 20 years


More than 350 clients use our AIO solution


More than 12 million in revenue in 1 day, record of the AIO Ecommerce


More than 80 million annual revenue generated by websites created with AIO Ecommerce

+250 000

People use a website created by iomedia daily

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