From the small boutique to the American super mall...

We adapt to the ambitions of all online businesses to unleash their full potential!

From product presentation to payment, everything is done to transform the act of purchasing into a true e-commerce experience!

Simplified catalog creation - no matter how complex the products, - unlimited promotional possibilities, conversion tunnel optimization... 100% tailor-made for commercial success!



Last year, our e-commerce solutions generated sales of over 100 million euros for our customers. In this field, analysis cannot be neglected; mistakes pay off.
Our rich and varied experience enables us to tackle the most diverse projects with confidence.
We immerse ourselves in our customers' fields of activity to fully understand how they work, their specificities, their workflows...

The design of our solutions is always centered on the different users, and aims to meet their specific needs as precisely as possible.



Bringing a product catalog to life, enlivening a promotion, boosting a shopping cart... our designers are well-versed in the art, and just waiting to get started!

Ergonomics, usability, fluidity and attractiveness have been our watchwords for over 20 years. Our dedicated UI/UX team is dedicated to making even the most complex sites accessible and enjoyable.
They also devote much of their time to optimizing the interfaces of management tools.



We don't compromise on the reliability of our developments. Nor do we compromise on flexibility, ease of use or scalability. Especially in the highly competitive e-commerce sector.

Originally developed for the media and international event coverage, our Allinone content management system is a true "field" CMS.
Tried and tested in the most demanding circumstances, it continues to evolve in response to concrete feedback from users.

<span>The catalog </span><br>of all possibilities
Product management

The catalog
of all possibilities

Regardless of the type of item, volume, options or price, we adapt to your specific needs and offer physical products, services or digital products - always in a flexible way!

Orientations: <span>clarity, efficiency</span>
Order management

Orientations: clarity, efficiency

All orders are automatically centralized in the administration interface, so that it always offers a complete, structured view of all transactions and their status.

<span>Flexibility</span><br>is the watchword
Price and tax management

is the watchword

AIO Ecommerce lends itself to every whim in terms of price management: unit prices, promotional prices, discounts, specific "private customer" prices... True flexibility, to suit every customer's pricing strategy.

The sky<br> <span>is the limit</span>

The sky
is the limit

AIO Ecommerce's fully dedicated shipping cost management functionality enables us to offer our customers particularly precise and transparent delivery options.

<span>A real</span><br>command post

A real
command post

AIO Ecommerce offers a fully customized analysis dashboard to facilitate online shop management. The comprehensive, detailed overview of the site's main data, tailored specifically to the site's needs and business objectives, enables rapid decision-making.

A polyglot<br><span>solution</span>
Payment systems

A polyglot

Adyen, SIX, PostFinance, Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, Global-e... AIO Ecommerce integrates all the major payment systems on the market, thanks to partnerships with trusted suppliers.
Security, fluidity and flexibility are thus at the heart of online financial transactions.

We understand the challenges our clients face

With over 20 years' experience in developing digital e-commerce platforms, at iomedia we have a deep understanding of the challenges our customers face.

We are well equipped to meet these challenges and provide the best possible solution to create an effective and accessible product.


The official website of the 2002 Geneva Auto Show was our first Event project


The official website of the 2002 Geneva Auto Show was our first Event project

+15 000

15,000 hours of development dedicated to the official America's Cup website from 2005 to 2007


More than 350 clients use our AIO solution


More than 30 event projects completed

+1 000 000

More than 1 million unique visitors per day in 2007 during the America's Cup

+250 000

People use a website created by iomedia daily


Intelligent solutions
for your business

Discover our customized CMS solutions designed specifically for corporate websites. We simplify processes, enhance operational clarity and encourage active user engagement. Enjoy an optimized online experience, offering your users faster, more convenient access to a wide range of services.

In short, our CMS solutions are the ideal choice for energizing and simplifying your company's online presence.



Our newsletter module, integrated into the CMS, lets you manage your newsletters by retrieving the content you've created. An interface lets you manage your lists and consult newsletter statistics.



A form management module is available directly in the CMS. A form can be integrated directly into a page by configuring the fields. Data is sent and can be stored in a database. A simple payment system can be integrated for quick purchases.



This module lets you create customized contests and define the terms and conditions of participation. Whether reserved for subscribers or open to all, anything is possible!

CMS Allinone

AIO's key features

Key features

Site management

Key features

Content management

Key features

Integrated DAM

Key features

Users & rights

Key features

Tools and Modules

Discover the many features of AIO that simplify the management of your website. Benefit from a complete set of tools, for an integrated and efficient web experience.

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