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A resort bathed in sunshine
with a grandiose panorama.
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Anzère Grenier de Zalan


Anzère Tourism entrusts its new website to iomedia

Here is the new Anzère Tourisme website designed and developed by iomedia. A modern and user-friendly platform that highlights the strengths and activities of Anzère. An immersive experience and responsive design on all devices.

Plan your getaway to Anzère now and enjoy a captivating setting, exciting activities and warm hospitality.

What we did
Concept Information structure
Webdesign Design system, UI / UX, Figma
Front Vue 2, Nuxt 2, Tailwind
Back AIO V3 Headless


Create a product that is easy to use, enjoyable and simple to update.

Implement intelligent navigation mechanisms, allowing users to easily find the information they are looking for, book exciting activities and connect with the Anzère community. Site performance needed to be optimized for fast loading times, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience every time you visit.

Our close collaboration with Anzère allowed us to fully understand the company's needs and goals, and we worked closely to create a website that accurately represents their identity and provides them with an exceptional online presence.

Anzère mockup laptop
Anzère Web
Anzere Logo


Being able to easily access it from anywhere

Allowing users to easily find the information they are looking for from anywhere is an essential criterion for a tourist destination such as Anzère.

Benefiting from all the information about the station from your mobile is necessary for a station of this magnitude.

Anzère Mobile Mockup
Anzère Ski


In order to give Anzère Tourisme its own character and identity, the colors of the graphic charter have been adopted. We thus support the brand of the resort which is already well received by citizens and tourists.

Primary color #FCB535
Primary Gray #282828
Secondary gray #f9f9f9
White #ffffff

References Typography

The font was chosen for its consistency with the logo, its readability on all web media and the possibility of using it in several weights to give rhythm to the text.

Anzère typo 1
Anzère typo 2


A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictograms have the particularity of quickly attracting the eye of the Internet user. This improves the information to be disseminated and completes the brand identity.


Intuitive tailor-made interface

Let's work together to develop a tailor-made, intuitive interface, perfectly suited to your specific needs, to ensure an optimal user experience.

Anzère design system
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