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CMS Sierre entrusts the redesign of its site to iomedia.
What we did
Concept Information structure
Webdesign Design system, UI / UX, Figma
Front Vue 2, Nuxt 2, Tailwind
Back AIO V3 Headless


A stimulating challenge

Bring together 5 sectors of activity on a single platform

The density of content and the very distinct targets addressed by the Sierre Medical-Social Center led us to rethink the entire hierarchy of information on the site. Thus, five subsites were created in order to promote the different services offered by the Sierre region medical-social center and to simplify their accessibility. Thanks to iconography and a color code specific to each branch, they are easily identifiable on the site. The colors were designed in harmony with each other and a unifying graphic element was imagined.

CMS Sierre mockup laptop
CMS Sierre web
CMS Sierre logo

Choice of colors

- Clearly distinguish subpages by color

- Help with navigation with clearly visible color elements

- Give each subpage a specific identity, a character

- Use a bold color palette to bring the website to life

- Starting point: green of the logo, then variation between blue and yellow

Association #3b865d
Childhood #F2C94C
Social – employment #20DEE4
Health #1167A5


Coherence with the line of graphics: caractères arrondis

The police are now available, for the lecture is also available for the public's cibles

The character of the police is optimized for the reading on the web

You can decliner and add more colors to the rhythm of the text

The police is a free Google font

CMS Sierre typo 1
CMS Sierre typo 2

Concept visual

This represents in an abstract way the support of the CMS towards the target audiences. The band takes on the colors of the services in gradient. This represents continuity in the person's life through the different services offered - a single entity for all stages of life. The CMS is always on the coast.

CMS Sierre graph
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