The town of Nyon uses our solution dedicated to communes to meet its requirements.
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The Commune de Nyon entrusts the design of its new website to Iomedia, based on our solution dedicated to communes.

Introducing the new website for the town of Nyon, designed and developed by iomedia. A modern, user-friendly platform showcasing the town's highlights and activities. With an immersive experience and responsive design on all devices.

What we did
Concept Information structure
Webdesign Design system, UI / UX, Figma
Front Vue 2, Nuxt 2, Bootstrap
Back AIO V3 Headless


Simplify access to information for citizens while offering simple, easy-to-use tools for daily management

Structuring the information and its organization then deploying and configuring the appropriate tools, always remaining attentive to the customer's needs and maintaining the final objective: end-user satisfaction.

Our close collaboration with Nyon allowed us to fully understand their communication needs and objectives in order to create a website that respects their identity and offers them a quality online presence.

Nyon web
Nyon logo

How do we do ?

A meticulous analysis of needs coupled with regular dialogue for optimal results

An analysis phase followed by several workshops makes it possible to quickly determine the approaches to be favored, whether in terms of graphic design, the structure of the information or the tools to be deployed to ensure the result expected by the City.

This is followed by rigorous planning and constant dialogue with our client who can interact and inform us of the necessary adjustments and corrections in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction.


Colors have been selected to create a consistent experience for users. 

Primary color #0059A9
Grey #F6F6F6
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