Creation of the new generation cultural subscription
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Abobo: the magicpass of Valais culture

It was in 2021 that the first discussions began around the idea of providing Culture Valais with a cultural subscription based on the MagicPass model.

iomedia already had significant experience in managing and selling subscriptions through our work for Magic Pass.

We were thus able to offer a complete tailor-made solution to Culture Valais, including the access control on which the entire operation of Abobo is based.

Many improvements and new features were added during the 2nd edition to allow Abobo to offer the desired extensions.

What we did
Concept Information structure
Webdesign Agence Forme
Front Vue 2, Nuxt 2, Tailwind
Back AIO V3 Headless
Back AIO subscription management module


Set up a flexible subscription management platform

Even though iomedia had significant experience in subscription management, the Abobo project was full of specificities which pushed us to develop extensions and rethink certain processing.

Access control management, for example, had to be integrated and developed specifically because each location had to be able to scan passes independently of their existing control system.

Specific and in-depth work has been carried out on the dashboards and statistics in order to enhance the numerous information available.

Abobo web
Abobo logo


Mobile access: the priority today

In a project and platform like Abobo, even more than for other projects, it was absolutely essential that the site was designed from the first stages for optimized mobile display.


The color choices were guided by several considerations to guarantee optimal harmony and readability.

Primary color #00CCFF
Gray #F7F7F7
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